THE owner of one of the town’s football teams is in talks with investors interested in a multi-million pound redevelopment of his club’s home patch.

And plans could include a new cinema.

“It sounds like a pipe dream,” said Northwich Victoria chairman Jim Rushe.

“That may be so, but it’s an achievable one.”

Later this week, Mr Rushe has been asked to present his plans to transform land surrounding the club’s stadium, which is currently owned by a bank after the previous landowner was declared bankrupt.

He told the Guardian his priority would be to build a marina – an idea first mooted by previous chairman Mike Connett – at the nine-acre site.

A hotel, then a cinema, could follow later.

Vics’ owner, who bought the club in 2008, says representatives from the UK arm of American firm IXG Marketing Ltd approached him after learning the plot was up for sale.

They have an American client wishing to expand its portfolio in England, he said.

“They believe that what we can offer ticks the boxes,” he added.

“It’s the most positive meeting I’ve had since I came to the club two years ago.

“We’ve already done a considerable amount of work clearing up the site ahead of a surveyor coming down to look at things.

“It’s all systems go.”

He revealed details of the meeting for the first time to fans at a forum on Thursday.

His next task is to provide a detailed breakdown of how much it would cost to make reality each element of his redevelopment plan.

The land on which the stadium is built is up for sale for £1.2m.

“It’s exciting but I don’t wish to raise people’s hopes too much at this stage only then to let them down,” said Rushe.

“I’m not here on my white charger saving the day and solving everybody’s problems and I think it’s right to err on the side of caution.

“But the interest is real and we’ll be talking to them again shortly.”

He revealed that Clydesdale Bank, which appointed receivers to seize the land off Mr Connett when his Beaconet firm was wound up last year, had offered him a mortgage too.

Rushe set up a new company, Northwich Victoria Developments, last March with the aim of buying back the stadium.

If he accepts the bank’s offer instead then the club would continue to play there as tenants.