AN ANTI-INCINERATION group opposing plans for a sustainable energy plant in Lostock Gralam has spotted a printing error in the latest press advertisement by Brunner Mond.

Cheshire Anti-Incinerator Network (CHAIN) noticed the absence of a complete final sentence in the public notice published locally by the soda ash manufacturers.

The action group subsequently argued this represented an incomplete application, despite the fact a 28-day period of consultation advertised in the public notice had already started.

Advertisements putting forward additional information about the waste-burning power station are required to be made public in three different publications – the local press, on local site notices and the London Gazette.

The advertisement was correct in the London Gazette and on the site notices but a printing error in the local press advert sparked the complaint from CHAIN.

The campaign group was successful in bringing the issue to the attention of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), which recommended Brunner Mond add extra time to a future public consultation period.

An official statement from CHAIN, said: “CHAIN welcomes this news because it means residents of Northwich and the surrounding area will have more time to consider the implications of having a huge, waste burning incinerator.

“It will also give them an extended period to prepare and lodge more objections to add to the more than 1,000 that have already been received by the department.

“We sincerely hope that TATA/Brunner Mond will now reconsider whether to proceed with its irresponsible project that has aroused so much anger and fear.”

The statement added: “CHAIN will now review its campaign plans to take account of the new timescale and we will continue to keep our thousands of supporters fully informed.”

In a statement published on behalf of Brunner Mond, Ladan Iravanian said: “There was an unfortunate omission of a number of words on the last line of the advertisement.

“The matter has been discussed with DECC which said that, although no rules have been contravened, they would recommend we undertake a further period of consultation.

“We have accepted this and further consultation will take place on the main scheme, as well as on the additional information we will be submitting as part of our application.

“It is hoped this further consultation period will begin in late June or early July and run for an appropriate time so as not to clash with the summer holiday period.”