ONE of Northwich’s MPs has given his backing to opponents of a planned incinerator in Lostock.

Representatives of action group CHAIN met George Osborne, at Barnton Memorial Hall, to brief him on the background to the campaign against the waste-fuelled Brunner Mond power station that could be located in part of his Tatton constituency.

During the briefing, he declared his ongoing support for the CHAIN campaign and promised his further assistance as and when necessary.

Mr Osborne finished the meeting by being the first to sign the new CHAIN petition that has since been distributed throughout Northwich and the surrounding area.

Brian Cartwright, chairman of CHAIN, who was at the meeting, said: “I am sure that the thousands of people in Northwich who have been shocked by the Brunner Mond announcement will be grateful for George Osborne’s support.

“Many have been in touch with us, deeply worried about the serious health risks, the environmental damage, the inevitable traffic chaos and angered by the sheer effrontery of others sending waste to their home town for burning. In giving his support today and signing our petition, he has shown an understanding of their concerns.

“This is nothing to do with party politics. Our three local MPs have all objected to an incinerator in Northwich and I sincerely hope that other politicians in the area will soon follow their example.”