ANGRY residents are launching a campaign to stop speeding drivers using their road as a rat run after an animal lover’s cat was killed.

Sue Edwards moved to Church Street, in Davenham, because she thought it was a safe place for her three cats and a dog but Cassie, her three-year-old Norwegian forest cat, was run over and left in the road.

“It’s absolutely awful, a defenceless animal’s death was caused by people going down there at excess speed,” she said.

“Ironically I moved here because I thought it would be a safe place for my cats.

“Having lived in London, when I did move I thought it would be quiet but at the moment it’s like some kind of race track.

“We live on a rural road, not the M1 – we should be able to have chickens, cats or dogs without worrying they’re going to get run over.”

Fellow Church Street residents have rallied round the 45-year-old solicitor and letters have been posted through the doors of all 63 homes in the road asking for support.

Sue, who moved to Church Street three years ago, said: “It’s tragic about my cat but it would be even more tragic if next time it’s a child.

“It’s a 30mph road but cars are coming down here at 45 to 50mph – the police have actually told me that they think it should be 20mph.

“It’s a residential area and people have bought homes here on that basis.

“People are being very selfish using it as a rat run and to hell with anyone else.

“Most people down here have got children or pets so it’s something everyone’s concerned about.”

Residents started a petition to stop inconsiderate drivers on Church Street in 2007 and now plan to add to the signatures.

They say the situation has got much worse since road works started on the A556.

Fellow Church Street resident Lynda Coles said: “We’re not going to wait until there’s another death.

“Already some older people are too frightened to come out of their front gate.”

Ian Callister, spokesman for Cheshire West and Chester Council, said: “There has been an increase in traffic on that road because of the major road works on the A556, however we have changed the phasing of that and there should be a noticeable decrease.

“The road is clearly signposted with regard to speed restrictions and if people are breaking the speed limit they are also breaking the law, which is a matter for the police.

“If residents continue to have concerns then Davenham Parish Council can contact us and we can provide them with a speed indication device which flashes at anyone breaking the speed limit.”