TATTON MP George Osborne this week told the Guardian that smear emails sent by a former Labour adviser were sad and pathetic.

The Shadow Chancellor said he hoped constituents would not be put off politics because of the untrue slurs.

“I want to show that politics isn’t like this,” he said.

Damian McBride had sent the unfounded emails to former Government lobbyist Derek Draper, who runs the online political blog LabourList, in January.

The emails were then picked up by Paul Staines, author of the Guido Fawkes political blog, who revealed them.

Mr McBride quit his position after the false claims became public.

At the time Mr Osborne was in his constituency enjoying the Easter break with his family.

He spoke several times to Conservative officials in London.

But the MP, who visited Tatton Park, said he was determined to still enjoy time with his wife and two children.

“You have to try and learn to ignore these things,” he told the Guardian yesterday, Tuesday.

“We were enjoying an Easter break with our kids.”

The Prime Minister sent letters to those who were named in the emails.

Mr Osborne has seen a scanned version of the copy that was sent to his London office.

In it, Gordon Brown expressed his ‘deep regret’ and said no ministers had been involved.

He also called for a tighter code of conduct for aides.

But the Conservatives are demanding the Labour leader apologises.

Mr Osborne said it was sad Mr Brown had not said sorry.

“It’s up to him what he does,” he said.

“I think he should say sorry.”

Yesterday former Cheshire County Council chairman Steve Wilkinson said smears and spin should not be part of politics.

“It’s the dirty side of it,” said the Conservative Cheshire East councillor.

“It’s a worry because we need to engage people with politics.”

Mr Osborne’s wife, Frances, was also mentioned in the untrue emails.

She contacted the Press Complaints Commission after some papers published details of the claims.

Yesterday her husband said their reputations should not be tarnished by the emails.

“I hope people can see this for what it is,” he said.