CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed news that plans for a domestic waste incinerator in Lostock have been shelved.

But there are still concerns that Waste Recycling Group (WRG) may apply to build an energy-from-waste facility for trade waste.

A spokesman for WRG confirmed the company was now reassessing its position after failing in its bid for Cheshire’s £1billion waste contract.

He said: “We are extremely disappointed not to have been shortlisted to the next stage of the council’s waste procurement contract.

“We are currently considering all possible options for the future of the site in Lostock and will make these known to appropriate parties in due course.”

Members of Lostock Parish Council campaigned tirelessly against proposals for the facility, along with local action group CHAIN.

Parish council chairman Emma Guy said that while they were pleased with the result, they were dubious about future developments.

She said: “We are naturally delighted with the decision by Cheshire County Council to exclude incineration from their waste plan.

“This decision is in no small part down to the huge efforts of all the concerned residents of Lostock Gralam and Northwich, and the support of CHAIN who have fought this all the way.“We are still concerned that this may not be the end of the matter as the site is designated as suitable for thermal treatment in the Cheshire Waste local plan.

“This could mean another developer puts in plans for an incinerator, just like Covanta are planning to do in Middlewich.

“I am confident the local residents will continue to work with CHAIN to ensure that we never get an incinerator on this site.”

CHAIN spokesman Jonathan Guy said: “We are delighted and would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last seven years.

“However, while the site remains designated as suitable for an incinerator in the local plan, there is nothing stopping any company from applying for permission to build an incinerator.

“However, given that incineration has not been included in the waste strategy I can’t imagine anyone would be short sighted enough to want to build an incinerator in Northwich.”