A CHESHIRE county councillor has called for special measures to ensure 150-years of documentation is kept for future research.

In six months time, Cheshire County Council will be replaced by two new authorities, East Cheshire and West Cheshire and Chester.

County Clr Dorothy Flude has raised concerns that valuable county records, one day of interest to future academics and family historians, will be lost.

She said: “Staff need to be aware of what they are sitting on, we need to ensure documentation of historical importance is listed and concerved.

“Staff may be using such material on a day-to-day basis without appreciating the worth of the records to future historians, maybe 150 years from now.”

Cheshire’s county archivist, Jonathan Pepler said: “Clr Flude’s concerns are truly helpful, her intervention certainly gives the archive service more clout, aiding us to promote the idea that records in current use which have historic value should be transferred to the Record Office, where they can then be available to both future authorities.”