JOHN Bishop spotted a familiar face in the crowd at his latest gig.

The popular comedian brought his ‘Back At It’ tour to Warrington over the weekend, playing four shows at Parr Hall.

During his set on Saturday, he spotted a sign in the crowd which read ‘Severn Walk’ – the street in Winsford where he grew up.

Upon catching Bishop’s attention, the holder of the sign called out: “We were neighbours!”

In a delightful exchange, Bishop finds out her surname is Lloyd and is quick to remember his old friend, who lived at number five.

‘Oh! How are ya?” he said.

Clearly somewhat shocked to run into his former neighbour, 52-year-old Bishop added: “Well, it’s lovely to see ya.”

Watch the full interaction below

Bishop and his family moved to Winsford after their house in Liverpool was knocked down.

Many other people in the city made the same journey, perhaps explaining why his accent remained so strong.

Last year, Bishop was featured in the ITV programme DNA Journey.

In one episode, he returned to Winsford where he pointed out his former school, Willow Wood Primary School.

He also took a trip down Severn Walk, where he noticed a new road sign had been installed.

Bishop said: “That’s brand new, and the reason that’s brand new is when I did my first arena gig, my brother came in and said, ‘I’ve got something for you’.

“And he handed me this big, long thing and I unwrapped it and he said ‘it’s so you don’t forget where you’re from’.

John said he still has the road sign hanging in his kitchen to this day.