A PAEDOPHILE who stashed soiled nappies has been jailed.

Gary McVeigh, of Delamere Street in Winsford, has been jailed after breaching his Sexual Harm Prevention Order handed to him for possessing and making indecent images of children.

The 47-year-old was today (July 5) sentenced to two years and four months at Chester Crown Court today after admitting to possessing nappies, breaching this order in the process.

DC Helen Wrigley said: “This shows the effectiveness of monitoring offenders who are subject to Sexual Harm Prevention Orders and highlights the consequences of not adhering to the conditions.

“I hope it reassures people that we do carefully monitor registered sex offenders in the community and take action when a breach is discovered.”

Gary McVeigh, of Delamere Street in WinsfordGary McVeigh, of Delamere Street in Winsford (Image: Cheshire Police)

In August 2016, McVeigh was convicted of possessing and making indecent images of children and sentenced to two years imprisonment.

He was also made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order with a number of conditions, one of which prohibited McVeigh from possessing any nappies.

On May 21, 2024, officers attended McVeigh’s address as part of the routine checks made to monitor registered sex offenders.

During the visit, McVeigh was arrested after officers became aware of three unregistered devices that McVeigh had hidden.

Following an inspection of his bedroom, officers then found a large quantity of soiled nappies, as well as a quantity of unused nappies.

He was further arrested on suspicion of breaching his Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

In total McVeigh was charged with three sexual harm breaches, which he later pleaded guilty to.

DC Wrigley added: “As a registered sex offender, McVeigh was required to adhere to a number of conditions to deter him from reoffending.

“An officer allocated to monitoring him visited his home address in May to ensure he was keeping to his conditions.

“Following a check of his mobile phone, the officer discovered an advert for nappies, and had reason to believe that McVeigh had started to offend again.

“The officer then searched his home address and found that McVeigh was in breach of his Sexual Harm Prevention Order.”