A BRAVE mum-of-four is about to set off on a 192-miles solo trek across Great Britain in what's the first time spent away from her kids in 17 years. 

Becky Williams is doing one of the UK’s toughest long-distance walking routes, Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, starting on Monday, July 8, carrying everything for 10 days and wild camping along the way.

Her seven-year-old son, Jack, is autistic and non-verbal, and goes to Hebden Green Community School in Winsford, which she describes as ‘a phenomenal place’ and ‘nothing short of amazing’.  

She’s raised £500 for the school through her JustGiving page before she’s even set off, but hopes to inspire even more people to give once she gets going. You can donate here. 

You'd assume someone taking on such a mammoth challenge would be a seasoned hiker and camper, but not in Becky’s case.  

Though the 41-year-old 'keeps pretty fit and health’, she doesn’t know how to read a map, and will be relying on a smartphone app for navigation.

She said she’s ‘very excited, but also slightly terrified’ adding: “The scariest bit is going to be spending all that time by myself.

"I’ve got four children, so I’m just not used to it. I’m told it’s very good for you.

Becky Williams (left) with her son, Jack, who goes to Hebden GreenBecky Williams (left) with her son, Jack, who goes to Hebden Green (Image: Becky Williams)

“I’m doing it completely on my own, and I’m carrying everything I need on my back for ten days. My tent, my clothes, the lot.

“I’m very lucky my partner is a wild camping and hiking obsessive, so he’s into all the ultralight gear.

“I’m tentatively borrowing it from him on the promise I won’t break anything.

“I’m camping seven of the ten nights, including wild camping, with a couple of B&Bs lined up so I can do some strategic washing.

Becky has access to all the latest ultralight kitBecky has access to all the latest ultralight kit (Image: Becky Williams)

“I’m not a good navigator and I have no idea how to read a map. Until recently, I’d never done anything like this before.

“I’ve done one 24 mile walk with a practice camp. Finding the time to do more has been a bit tricky.”

Wainwright’s Coast to Coast starts at St Bees in Cumbria and ends at Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire, passing through three national parks along the way.

Becky on her one-and-only practice walkBecky on her one-and-only practice walk (Image: Becky Williams)

Most people try to complete the popular near-200-mile trek in 12 to 16 days, but intrepid Becky is aiming to finish it in 10.

“It’s all about childcare,” she added.   

“I’ve very lucky because my partner’s children are away next week with their mum, so he’s agreed to have mine while I’m away.

“It means I haven’t got much room for manoeuvre over timings though, so I need to make sure I stick to my schedule.”