A ‘WELCOMING’ Winsford primary school where pupils are ‘happy, safe, and nurtured’ is celebrating its latest Ofsted result.

On Wednesday, June 26, the education watchdog published its report following a full inspection of Over St John’s Church of England Primary School in Winsford, which took place on Thursday, May 9.

Inspectors were impressed by the teachers 'consistent and high' expectations of pupil behaviour, as well as the children’s confidence when talking about core British values, such as democracy, and how it has bearing on life both inside and outside the school.

The report also praises how the school prioritises pupils’ broader development, including learning about different cultures, staying physically and mentally healthy, and how to keep themselves safe online.

Over St John’s head teacher, Emma Snowdon, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Over St. John’s continues its long-standing tradition of being a Good school.

“During our recent Ofsted, the inspectors easily identified how wonderful our children are and how fantastic our whole school community is.

“I am incredibly proud of everyone involved in our school who make it such a special place to learn and work every day.”

In the report, Ofsted lead inspector, Keith Pullen, said: “Pupils are happy, safe, and nurtured at Over St John’s, and develop a strong sense of belonging to the school community.

“Pupils look after each other and respect each other’s differences. They welcome new pupils to the school enthusiastically and help them to settle in quickly.

“Pupils behave well in lessons, when moving around the school, and at breaktimes. They work hard and they are resilient when overcoming problems.

“They take pride in their work, and enjoy the recognition of adults and their peers when they do well.

“Staff have consistent and high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and understand some pupils need extra support to manage their emotions. Pupils say their learning is rarely disrupted by the behaviour of their peers.

“Staff are proud to work at the school. They said leaders listen to them. Staff appreciate the actions the school takes to help them to manage their workload. For example, staff value the programme of professional development which enables them to be successful in their roles.

“Governors know the school well. They use the detailed information they receive from the school to provide rigorous challenge and support.

“Governors complete regular training so they can carry out their responsibilities effectively.”