A 'STRUGGLING' Northwich cafe has issued a plea for support.

Abda on Crown Street has taken to social media to ask what they can do to boost sales.

It comes amid the most difficult period yet in the coffee shop’s six-year history, with costs rising and high street footfall declining.

“We're not going to sugarcoat it, we're really struggling at the moment and that is really hard for us to admit and put out there,” read the Facebook post.

“If you know us, you know we always try to maintain a positive outlook, but we can't do it any longer.

“Hospitality feels like it's dying.

“We made it through a pandemic, a flood, multiple economic crises and right now feels harder than all of it put together.”

Abda first opened in 2018Abda first opened in 2018 (Image: Google Maps)

The post continues, explaining that most businesses in the hospitality industry are experiencing the same thing.

Many have had to cancel events due to a lack of bookings and some have even been forced to close their doors entirely due to declining sales.

The coffee shop has also tried several things to survive, including introducing special offers and refining its menu in a bid to cut costs.

 “It's reassuring to know we are not the only ones feeling this way, but that doesn't help us fix it or survive, and it doesn't make the situation any easier,” the post adds.

Abda acknowledges that things may appear fine on the surface.

They have just opened a second venue (Celeste in Holmes Chapel) and many customers only see the cafe during a busy lunch hour, not the seven hours either side which are 'super quiet'.

However, as an independent business, they say there is an 'unexpected resistance' to try something new.

Owner Abda Obeid-FindleyOwner Abda Obeid-Findley (Image: Supplied)

The post continues: “Our businesses have never been all about making the most money possible, our ethos is built upon building a community and celebrating cultures.

“We are in business for the people, but to do so, we do need to be bringing in some money, and some people.

“For the first time in the six years we have been open, we don't know the next step, and we don't know what you want or what to give you?

“If you've been a longstanding customer, you know we are open to feedback and change. We're constantly told you're desperate for our doors to remain open. So please, what can we do?”