A UNIQUE pop-up catering business is seeking a local partner to host unforgettable weddings in Cheshire.

Known for providing high quality ingredients, fast service, and a relaxed, friendly vibe, Mobile Bistros has catered for an array of high profile clients, including footballers and racing drivers.

Now, after five successful years of wedding catering with its delicious pizzas, the company is ready to bring more elements together to create an inclusive pop-up wedding experience.

"We are excited to expand our services and offer couples in Cheshire a unique and memorable wedding experience," said Carl Duncker, founder of Mobile Bistros.

"Our vision is to create festival-style weddings that combine the best of our catering expertise with a vibrant, relaxed atmosphere, at an affordable price."

At the moment, Mobile Bistros is actively searching for the perfect venue.

Ideal locations must be in Cheshire, have a licensed bar, and offer at least half an acre of outdoor land to accommodate food and drink stands.

Plans for Mobile Bistros' wedding setups include:

  • Spacious Marquee: Offering ample space for guests to mingle, dine, and dance, decorated with bright, festival-themed colours and fairy lights.
  • Dance Floor: A 20-square-metre dance floor integrated into the marquee.
  • Pizza Catering: A pop-up pizza stand serving high-quality wood-fired pizzas.
  • Cocktail Bar: A horse trailer bar offering a variety of cocktails and mocktails.
  • Photo Booth: A converted horse trailer photo booth with fun props and a festival-themed backdrop.
  • Informal Seating: Relaxed seating arrangements with hay bales, bean bags, and low tables.

"We are looking for a venue partner who shares our vision and can provide the perfect setting for these festival-style weddings," added Carl.

"Together, we can create magical wedding experiences that Cheshire couples will cherish forever."

Venues interested in partnering with Mobile Bistros can contact Carl through the website here: https://mobilebistros.co.uk/cheshire-weddings-2025/