A CELEBRATED international artist renowned for portraits of ‘Living Legends’ is launching his summer tour in Cheshire.

Argentinian artist Fabian Perez is flying in from the US to open his new exhibition of original paintings and signed limited editions at selected galleries.

He will be at Clarendon Fine Art on Regent Street in Knutsford on Saturday, June 15 from 11am to 1pm.

Northwich Guardian: Contemporary artist Fabian PerezContemporary artist Fabian Perez (Image: Clarendon Fine Art)

Every guest who purchases an original painting at the event will be entered into an exclusive prize draw, offering the coveted opportunity to have their portrait painted by Fabian.

At this new solo show Fabian will be launching Noches De Flamenco, a new collection featuring solo studies, cinematic tableaux and still lives that display the narrative flair that has made him one of the most successful genre artists of his generation.

Northwich Guardian: Fabian Perez will be launching 'Noches De Flamenco', a new collection Fabian Perez will be launching 'Noches De Flamenco', a new collection (Image: Clarendon Fine Art)

Fabian, 56, who lives in Los Angeles with wife Luciana and three children, said: “My paintings are my way of telling a story, a story of those things that take place after hours.

“I paint the texture not only of the subject and the object, but also of the atmosphere and of the night itself.

“I paint the colour of a mood, giving the viewer a sense of more than I could ever tell them with words.”

He is celebrated internationally for his unique distillation of sensuality and machismo and a narrative style informed by his close study of the old masters, He has captured many famous faces of people he admires including Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rafael Nadal and Pep Guardiola, Quincy Jones and Ringo Starr.

Northwich Guardian: Some of the many 'Living Legends' Fabian Perez has capturedSome of the many 'Living Legends' Fabian Perez has captured (Image: Clarendon Fine Art)

Pope Francis has his portrait hanging in his private apartments after he personally invited Fabian to meet him at the Vatican.

He has now published four collector’s books, the latest of which, ‘Neo-Emotionalism: A New Era’ was launched at Althorp, the historic seat of the Spencer family.

His first commission from the British aristocracy was a portrait of The Countess Spencer for the family’s private collection which hangs alongside portraits of the Earl and his sister, the late Princess Diana. Fabian has been represented by Clarendon Fine Art in the UK for more than a decade.

During this time there has been a steady rise in demand for his work and a corresponding increase in value.

Helen Swaby, chief executive officer of Clarendon Fine Art, believes the new exhibition represents some of the artist’s finest work to date.

Helen said: “Fabian is a master of his art who takes us way beyond the visual world and mounts an all-out assault on our senses.

“His work creates a unique sensory experience and this exhibition shows why he has become one of the world’s most collectable artists.”