MIDDLEWICH will be represented at the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals.

Daniel Jackson, a former Middlewich High School pupil, achieved the feat in Saturday’s episode of the TV talent show with the Phoenix Boys.

The all-male dance troupe earned the golden buzzer after impressing Bruno Tonioli.

“I literally can’t speak,” said the former Strictly Come Dancing judge.

“What really touches people is when you perform from your heart, is the truth of your performance. That really is what remains in people's minds.

“You touched me and I think you touched everybody here.”

Northwich Guardian: Daniel Jackson is a former Middlewich High School pupilDaniel Jackson is a former Middlewich High School pupil (Image: ITV)

The Phoenix Boys come from different dance schools all around the UK and meet up once a month to practice.

Before their performance on Britain’s Got Talent, they had rehearsed just three times.

Dan, who used to work at Il Padrino, led the group onto the stage before they put on a stunning display.

Bruno was brought to tears and loved their performance so much that he accidentally broke the golden buzzer as he sent the boys straight to the live finals.

Joining the youngsters on stage afterwards, he said: “I know how hard it is, what you do.

“People don’t really understand how hard it is to succeed as a dancer.

“The work that goes into it and the passion and literally you do it for nothing, you do it for love and I felt that.”

It wasn’t just Bruno impressed by the Phoenix Boys, Alesha Dixon said: “I can see the emotional connection that Bruno felt, and I knew that he could see himself in you.”

Amanda Holden added: “I loved it, I loved the choreography, I really loved the power and energy you all have and I love the fact that there’s age difference between you all because I can see there’s mentoring, care and friendship in this group so for me that meant everything.”

Simon Cowell is looking forward to seeing the boys’ next performance, once they have had more time to practice.

He said: “What I really like about all of you is that you only had a little bit of time to do this, three rehearsals is nothing.

“Bruno’s given you this great opportunity now that when you come back to the finals, you come back even better than what we saw today. Enjoy this moment, I know this means a lot.”

Northwich Guardian: Bruno loved their performance so much he accidentally broke the golden buzzerBruno loved their performance so much he accidentally broke the golden buzzer (Image: ITV)