“ALL the ladies at Blue Beauty Cheshire are so talented” – high praise from one of the customers at Mid Cheshire’s award-winning salon.

Siobhan McDonald holds the new Best for Nails 2024 title after creating “phenomenal nails” with “excellent customer service”.

Blue Beauty Cheshires owner Siobhan McDonald

Blue Beauty Cheshire's owner Siobhan McDonald

This year’s search for the area’s best in a whole host of categories started with hair and Fox Hairdressing was crowned our first winner.

Then we moved onto pies with JD’s Café taking the title for the second time in three years.

Next up were picture perfect nails with customers and readers sending their nominations for their favourite nail technician.

Voting for Mid Cheshire’s Best for Roast Dinner is currently taking place and we’re also looking for nominations in our latest search - Best for Cocktails.

Vote for Mid Cheshire’s Best for Roast Dinner 2024

Nominate your favourite for Mid Cheshire’s Best for Cocktails 2024

Ten talented nail techs in Mid Cheshire made the shortlist for Best for Nails with Blue Beauty Cheshire in Knutsford taking the coveted crown.

Siobhan opened Blue Beauty Cheshire in 2018 on Meadowsweet Road in Mobberley having grown up in Manchester and moved to the area in 2009.

She started as a makeup artist while working in admin and accounts but always had the desire to work for herself, so she trained in nails and hair extensions enabling her to build a client base.

Siobhan loves creating unusual nails for her clients

Siobhan loves creating unusual nails for her clients

Siobhan, who is 37, said: “I wanted to work for myself so I could dictate my own hours and still have social life, take my children to school and choose to work with people I enjoy spending time with.

“I had my son just as a I left school and went to college while raising him, studying hairdressing and Swedish massage.

“I always wanted to be in the beauty industry – it’s something I’ve always been passionate about.

“I am a girly girl and love seeing a transformation, making a woman feel good about herself.”


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Siobhan loves creating artistic nails for her clients and adds personal touches to the treatments she offers.

Siobhan said: “My clients like walking around with nails that nobody else has.

“I have always had set prices so that people can express themselves and enjoy having a treatment without any hidden charges.

“I work in a very affluent area and know I could charge a lot more but my clients are more important to me than out pricing them to appear more desirable.

“The best thing about my job is that I get to catch up regularly with the girls that I want to catch up with.

“My clients have become friends - they tell me their life stories and their secrets and they know that I don’t judge them and won’t ever break their trust.”

Siobhan is fully qualified in makeup

Siobhan is fully qualified in makeup

What do Blue Beauty Cheshire’s customers think about the business?

Why did they want Siobhan to win our latest award?

One recommendation said: “Excellent service and my nails always look phenomenal afterwards.

“All of the ladies here are so talented!”


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Siobhan felt pleased and humbled when she found out that Blue Beauty Cheshire had made the shortlist for Best for Nails 2024 as so many of her clients had nominated the business.

She said: “I was even more humbled when I heard that I’d won the award.

“It made me realise that even when I work long hours and try and fit people in so they can feel and look nice - even if it means I don’t have breaks some days - that I am appreciated and it makes it all worthwhile.

“I am so grateful to all of my beautiful clients for taking the time to vote for me and for supporting me and Blue Beauty Cheshire.”