SCHOOL leavers are allowed to wear their commemorative jumpers for the first time ever.

The County High School in Leftwich has decided to let year 11 pupils wear their special leavers sweatshirts in lessons.

It comes following complaints from parents, who questioned the point of the jumpers.

Head teacher Richard Warburton said: “It has been lovely to see Year 11 students proudly wearing their leaving sweatshirts to school and during break and lunchtimes. 

“It connects them with previous cohorts and they have modelled a sense of belonging to the whole school community. 

“Therefore, as a special privilege to Year 11, this year for the first time, students will be allowed to wear their leavers' sweatshirt around the building and in lessons as part of their uniform. 

“Year 11 students wishing to wear their normal school jumper may continue to do so.”

He added: “We will review how successful this approach is, and hope that it provides a new tradition that celebrates Year 11's important place at the County High School and supports students as we approach the exams.”

One parent who have questioned the school’s initial stance on leavers jumpers called it a 'disgrace'.

She added: “As a single parent I cannot afford to spend money on something that isn’t going to be used.

“But why isn’t is going to be used? Because the school are not allowing them to wear them in school.

“Why? Because they feel that the other students will copy and wear their own jumpers.

“This should have been disclosed when the original letter came out as now they have a lot of angry parents. Some of the parents paid extra on personalisation.

“I now have a brand new hoodie worn once sat on the dining room table not being worn as there’s no point.”