IDLE coaches at a Northwich college are causing concern for neighbours

A resident of Wheelock Close, which backs onto Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form, has raised concerns about 'anti-social behaviour' coming from the school.

That is because for around two hours every day of the week, coaches sit with their engines running as they wait for the pupils.

The resident, who has asked not to be named, is worried about the noise and air pollution this is causing.

He said: “Having a house that backs onto the entrance drive at Sir John Deane’s, you expect a certain amount of noise that goes with the vehicle movement.

“However, what is surely not acceptable is that the coaches used to pick up the students on the home run leave their engines running continually, sometimes for almost two hours.”

He continued: “The noise means that realistically I cannot sit in my garden to relax from when the first of the coaches arrives until they all depart.

“Whilst these can be considered first-world issues, it is the environmental and health impact that I find most anti-social.

“I do not know how much diesel fuel is used up in the period, but I am sure it is not insignificant, and with six to eight coaches doing this five days a week, 40 weeks of the year, it cannot be small.”

The resident moved to the area two years ago and says this has been going on ever since.

However, it appears to have become a more noticeable issue this academic year.

He explained he has reported it the school on more than one occasion but has not heard back.

However, the school claims they have received no such contact.

A spokesperson said: “We are not aware of any specific complaints from residents regarding noise and air pollution.

“The college’s estates team works closely with the coach companies to ensure engines are not left running for longer than necessary and this is something that we actively monitor.”