AUDIENCES in Northwich are being given a 'witty and clever look at crippling obsession' as Harlequin Players bring their new play to the stage.

After opening on Wednesday at the Harlequin Theatre in Queen Street, the production of Home, I'm Darling runs until Saturday evening.

The production of Laura Wade's comedy centres on Judy, who plays a doting Fifties housewife from her fridge freezer and décor, to being presentable to welcome husband Johnny home from work.

A Harlequin Players spokeswoman, who confirmed tickets are still available, said: "We quite quickly realise that Judy is a 21st century woman who took redundancy from a well-paid job and made her fantasy of the 1950s lifestyle.

"Her friends Fran and Marcus share her love in all things retro. For them it’s a hobby, but for Judy it’s her safe space.

"Judy’s mother is keen to point out the Fifties were not as idyllic as her daughter thinks.

"Johnny works as an estate agent hoping for a promotion. But he realises they have financial problems; the house might be repossessed.

"The redundancy money has ran out. He is under performing at work and he doesn’t earn as much commission.

"He isn’t happy, he says they need to change. Can Judy compromise and pull away from her 1950s fantasy?"

There is a three for the price of four deal on tickets, which can be booked at