HAVING a blind date with a book could be the next big trend in Northwich.

Student midwife Ceri Dean has been overwhelmed after launching a new mystery book business – Plot Twist.

All of the books for sale are wrapped up with customers given just a few details such as genre and Amazon rating.

Despite her apprehension, Ceri decided to take the plunge this week and it couldn’t have gone much better, with dozens of orders placed already.

She said: “I became a bit nervous to launch the business but then I reminded myself of one of my favourite phrases - Go Grab Life.”

The quote comes from campaigner and Instagram star Nicky Newman, who died last September following a battle with breast cancer.

Ceri added: “So on Tuesday, April 23, I just decided to go for it!

“I created the Facebook page, posted some pictures and shared the launch on Northwich Life and Barnton Life Facebook pages.

“The next thing I knew, my phone blew up with notifications and messages! Within a couple of hours I had almost sold out!

“I genuinely did not expect it at all! I expected an occasional sale perhaps but nothing like what happened.”

Northwich Guardian: Ceri lives in Barnton with husband Dave and daughters Sasha and Dylan Ceri lives in Barnton with husband Dave and daughters Sasha and Dylan (Image: Supplied)

Ceri, 35, grew up in Weaverham and now lives in Barnton with her husband Dave and daughters Sasha and Dylan.

Her passion for reading ignited during lockdown but the idea for Plot Twist has been brewing much longer than that.

Ceri said: “I got this idea from a holiday I went on almost 10 years ago in Scotland. We visited a little village and in a bookshop they had a 'blind date with a book' and it was cute and fun.

“I chose one and it ended up being a book I probably would have bypassed on the shelf usually, however, it was a really good read.

“So as a university student, I was thinking of a way to make a little money to go towards our family life and to do whilst studying and potentially beyond.”

She added: “I've always enjoyed reading. Since childhood, but it was during the pandemic that it really increased.

“It was my safety net and my escape from real life and before I knew it, I had read 47 books by the end of 2020, and it hasn't slowed down since, in 2023 I read 87 and 29 books so far this year!” 

Given the demand shown so far, Ceri is planning to launch a website for Plot Twist.

Until then, all available books will be posted on the Facebook Page and orders can be made by commenting or sending the page a message, with payments taken via PayPal.

"I'm really excited for where this business may go!" Ceri added.

"I have already had enquiries about setting up a subscription box, so people can subscribe and get a monthly blind date with a book and goodies and I have been looking into book bouquets too, where books are slotted into a bouquet of flowers as a gift.

"I'd love to support local authors, indie authors and self-published authors to help get their books out there too!"