A political row has erupted over the plight of a group of children with special educational needs and disabilities in Cheshire West.

The Guardian reported recently how a local group called CWaC SEND Accountability had been launched by a group of dismayed parents who claimed their children had been ‘let down’ by the council.

Local politicians from both main parties have now met with - or plan to meet with - the group to discuss their concerns, but have also pointed the finger of blame partly at each other for the ongoing situation, with claims of 'playing politics' and 'lack of transparency' being levelled.

Cllr Adrian Waddelove, Conservative shadow cabinet member for children and young people, said several members of the Conservative group's leadership team were due to meet with CWaC SEND Accountability this week.

He said: "Since I received the first email from the SEND group I have been asking the Labour cabinet member and officers on how they plan to resolve the troubling situation the concerned families are in.

"I have repeatedly requested a cross-party group is commissioned to ensure a wide-ranging consensus is met to tackle the problems they have set out.

"Disappointingly, we have seen the Labour leadership throw up their defences as opposed to transparently working with others to fix the concerns that impact residents across the whole borough.

"It is vital we learn from these issues to prevent this from happening in the future and to ensure an acceptable and accountable solution for all is found.”

Cllr Adam Langan (Labour) cabinet member for children and young people, has met with CWAC SEND Accountability, joined by council leader Cllr Louise Gittins, and cabinet member for a fairer future, Cllr Lisa Denson.

He said the experiences of some families with SEND services in Cheshire West ‘hadn't been good enough’.

He said: “Whilst similar issues are seen across the country, it doesn't change the fact improvements are needed and this is what I, my Labour colleagues, and council staff are working towards. We hear the concerns of parents and, like them, want the best for young people.”

He added: “It's disappointing but unsurprising the Cheshire West and Chester Conservative group are playing politics with services for vulnerable children. If they were acting in good faith, they'd own up to the fact their Conservative government should urgently bring forward funding to support SEND systems.

"They would also recognise that councils like Cheshire West have long called for a cross-government strategy for children and young people."

He added: "We will continue to have open and honest conversations with the CWAC SEND Accountability Group."