A MAN who drunkenly assaulted his neighbour and care workers has been handed a restraining order.

Paul McGuire, of Cheshire Avenue in Lostock Gralam, has been sentenced after admitting to three counts of assault and one count of resisting a police officer in the execution of his duty.

At Warrington Magistrates Court on Friday (April 5), prosecutor Michael O’Kane explained McGuire was in a relationship with a woman who lives in the same block of flats as him and is elderly and has mobility issues.

The 62-year-old prodded her stomach with his fingers, causing slight bruising.

Two carers attended the address and said they 'feared for their safety'.

McGuire said to the care workers: “Get your manager, I’ll knock his head off.”

He continued to shout as got up close to one of the carer’s faces with his fists up in a 'fighting stance'.

Mr O’Kane added: “She was worried she would be physically assaulted."

The second care worker recalls McGuire 'jabbing' her with his finger.

McGuire has several previous convictions, including at least two involving the same initial victim.

Defending, Chris Hunt explained that McGuire has a 'lifelong issue with alcohol' and had 'a very difficult upbringing'.

“It almost makes this sort of thing inevitable,” he added.

He continued, explaining that his client cannot read or write and has various medical issues.

While his offences are aggravated by the fact McGuire was intoxicated and they were domestic in nature, Mr Hunt argues there is a low risk of reoffending.

When magistrate Philip Pegum came to deliver the sentence, McGuire repeatedly interrupted him.

Mr Hunt was visibly frustrated with his client as Mr Pegum told him to 'be quiet' and 'shut up please'.

In the end, McGuire was handed an 18-month community order.

As part of this, he must complete 35 days of rehabilitation activity requirement and the building better relationships programme.

A two-year restraining order was also made, banning McGuire from having any contact with the victim.

McGuire must also pay £100 in compensation to each of the carers, a fine of £120 and additional costs of £234.