CHANNEL 4 is coming to Northwich.

Filming will take place at The Plaza this week as production of the second season of the comedy series ‘Everyone Else Burns’ gets underway.

A letter seen by The Guardian states that the building will be used for filming from 8am to 6pm every day from Wednesday (April 10) through to next Friday (April 19), save the weekend.

“We are writing to you with regards to our proposed filming for a returning comedy series called 'Everyone Else Burns', which has been commissioned by JAX Media for Channel 4,” the letter reads.

“We have kindly been given permission by the owner to film at The Plaza on the following dates and times.”

The letter adds that the majority of scenes will be filmed inside The Plaza.

However, on Wednesday (April 10), there will be some filming outside the front of the building.

On this day, traffic management will be put in place with a stop-and-go system implemented on Witton Street.

The road and shops will still be accessible to residents and visitors throughout the day, although you may be asked to hold for a few minutes during takes.

The filming crew’s technical vehicles will be parked on Witton Street and in the Albion Road car wash.

“We realise we are visitors to the area and filming would not be able to take place without your cooperation,” the letter adds.

“If there are any questions on the filming day, please do come and find one of the team on site.”

The first season of Everyone Else Burns, part of which was also filmed in Northwich, premiered in January 2023.

Simon Bird, best known for playing Will McKenzie in The Inbetweeners, stars in the show as the patriarch of the Lewises - a Manchester family who belong to an ultra-religious group that believes the world is going to end in the next 10 years.