A MAGGOT was found in a pot of supermarket soup.

Amanda Carter was close to being sick when she spotted a maggot floating in tomato soup she had bought from Sainsbury’s in Northwich.

It was to be the starter of her family’s Easter Sunday dinner, which she says was ruined.

Amanda, 50, said: “I was nearly sick at the sight of the maggot.

“To find that in a food item is disgusting, it put us off our Easter Sunday dinner.

“Starter, main and dessert – our meal was wasted as the pate, soup and vegetables were all from Sainsbury’s.”

Amanda purchased the soup from Sainsbury’s on March 28.

She opened it on Easter Sunday (March 31), well before its use-by date of April 9.

Northwich Guardian: The maggot floating in the Sainsbury's tomato soupThe maggot floating in the Sainsbury's tomato soup (Image: Amanda Carter)On Tuesday (April 2) Amanda returned to the store where she was given a £23.50 gift card and told the matter would be reported to the head office.

She and the store manager also went to check the shelves but reportedly found that all the soup from that batch had already been sold.

The ordeal has put Amanda off buying Sainsbury’s soup and left her considering whether she will ever shop at the supermarket again.

Northwich Guardian: The soup was opened well before it's use-by date The soup was opened well before it's use-by date (Image: Amanda Carter)

She said: “It is very unlikely we will buy soup again, I have other varieties in the fridge and they are going in the bin. We loved the fresh soup, they taste fabulous, but seeing this in the tomato one is really off-putting.

“If I purchase anything else from Sainsbury's it will be double and triple checked.

“People have to be very alert when doing their shopping. Some stuff you can pick up on in-store but others you don’t know until you open it.”

Sainsbury's has confirmed the matter is being investigated.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: “We have been back in touch with the customer to investigate this case further and reassure her that our suppliers have a range of controls in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening.”