A FARM is looking to open an 'American-style’ general store in Northwich.

The antique furniture shop Leon’s Store on Albion Road is to undergo some major changes.

Having been forced to close due to rising costs, the site has sat empty for some time.

Now, husband-and-wife team Danny and Leigh Tench are planning to reinvent the space while paying tribute to Leigh’s late father.

They said: “Leon was from Kentucky and was a proper old-school American.

“He used to tell us about how amazing the small general stores were in town and how they were a place where people in the town got together and sold produce and goods and became sort of community hubs.

“So it’s going to be sort of a homage to him and that era of community spirit he spoke about.

“An old age American-style general store selling not only our produce but produce from other local makers so small businesses like us have a place to sell and earn money.

“Northwich being as it is, shop space is ridiculously expensive so this allows them to sell products and not have to pay through the nose to do so.”

Danny and Leigh bought the shop, formerly Peggy’s Cove, in 2021 and renamed it in honour of Leigh’s father, who gave them the money to purchase the site.

However, with increasing costs and decreasing demand for what they were offering, it became unsustainable.

Around the same time, the couple began raising rare breed pigs, initially at their home in Winsford but now based in Kingsley, at Dablet Farm.

They farm two breeds of pig, one for meat which they sell at markets and festivals around the country, and a domestic breed which they sell as pets.

With this doing so well, they have decided to give the retail world another crack, with plans to transform the store into a farm shop.

As well as their meats, they will be selling locally-sourced groceries, sweet treats, baked goods, drinks, homeware, flowers, soaps and more.

Leigh and Danny have also been in touch with local bands and groups, who may be able to use the space in the evenings.

“We want to create somewhere that not only sells stuff, but where people can come and meet up and chat and see what’s going on,” they added.

It is not clear yet when the shop will open, as a kitchen needs to be fitted and a hygiene inspection carried out before Leigh and Danny can begin redecorating.