YOUTHS have been damaging and breaking into garages.

Officers in Leftwich have taken action after receiving reports of youngsters causing anti-social behaviour.

Weaver Vale Housing Trust and callers to 101 had reported youths breaking into and damaging garages in Clifton Drive and Balmoral Avenue.

PCSO Lee Robertson carried out patrols but has not yet seen any evidence of criminal behaviour.

A spokesperson for Davenham and Moulton Police said: “Due to reports to 101 and our partner requests from Weaver Vale, the garage area around Clifton Drive and Balmoral Avenue are now on PCSO Robertson patrol plan.

“The Issue that has been reported to us is that there are youths damaging the garages, breaking in and causing ASB issues.

“The area has already been patrolled by PCSO Robertson a number of times and so far there have been no issues, due to no one being seen around those areas.”