A DAVENHAM couple who met at The Plaza cinema the year Queen Elizabeth II was crowned are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.

Elsie and Ken Benson were married on March 28, 1959, which just happened to be Elsie’s 21st birthday.

The couple have lived in Hartford Road for 60 years come Christmas, and marked their blue sapphire anniversary on Saturday, March 30, at their home with all their family around them.

When asked what film was on at The Plaza the day they met 71 years ago, Elsie said: “I can’t remember, but I know it had Audie Murphy in it.”

Northwich Guardian: Ken and Elsie Benson at home with great grandson, ArchieKen and Elsie Benson at home with great grandson, Archie (Image: Helen Dean)

Ken, 87, was a joiner, and Elsie, 86, worked at the silk works in Middlewich before taking a break to raise their daughters Helen, Joanne, and Sarah, who’ve given the couple five grandchildren.

They’ve both been retired more than 30 years and have spent the time exploring Great Britain and its islands with their touring caravan, which they only gave up quite recently.

Northwich Guardian: Elsie and Ken Benson on a trip to the seaside with great granddaughter, WillowElsie and Ken Benson on a trip to the seaside with great granddaughter, Willow (Image: Helen Dean)

Talking of their wedding day itself, Elsie said: “It was absolutely perfect.

“We had it at the Grey Parrot Hotel, now the Lodge pub, near the hospital at Winnington Hill.

“It was such a beautiful place then. There were so many flowers in the back garden and my brother’s father-in-law took loads of slides.

“They were a real treat. In those days, you didn’t have much like that.

“We’ve had a lovely life together. We’ve lived in Davenham for 60 years come December. We absolutely love it here and it’s been our privilege.

“We always used to say, even when we courting, we’d love to live on Hartford Road. And we’ve always had brilliant neighbours.

“We used to have a touring caravan. We toured with that for 55 years.

“We went from Land’s End to John O’Groats, as they say - all over England and Wales, and the Isle of Man.

“We got rid of it two years ago, but we miss it very much. It just got a bit too much for us in the end, but we’ve regretted it ever since.”

Asked what’s the secret to a happy marriage, Elsie added: "We’ve just done everything we really wanted to do, and used our common sense.

“We’ve been blessed with a wonderful family too, which is invaluable.

“You’ve just got to learn to give and take.”