A ‘CARING’ primary school in Winsford where pupils ‘show respect for others’ is celebrating its recent ‘Good’ Ofsted rating.

Inspectors from the government’s education watchdog visited Oak View Academy in Whitby’s Lane on February 13 and 14.

Their report, published on March 15, judged Oak View ‘Good’ in all areas, praising the staff’s ‘high expectations of pupils’ achievement’ and the school’s ‘strong sense of community and belonging’.

Inspectors also noted how attentive pupils are during lessons and how carefully they follow instructions and how reading is 'placed at the heart of the curriculum’.

They also drew attention to how staff speak calmly and kindly to pupils, making them feel assured they can speak out if they have any concerns. 

Head teacher, Helen Bebbington, said: “Securing a good in all areas is a well-
deserved outcome and a genuine reflection of our provision at Oak View.

“Caring relationships are at the heart of all we do, and the dedication of staff ensures we provide pupils and families with a strong, supportive environment to thrive and achieve.

“We teach all children good coping and regulation strategies so they can help themselves when they experience anxiety and stress.

“Teaching them at a young age about managing feelings will support them in later life.

“We are excited to continue to work with our local community and ensure all our pupils flourish.”

In her report, Ofsted lead inspector, Sheena Clark, said: "Pupils are well supported emotionally and academically, and are celebrated as individuals.

"This helps them feel happy, including those with special educational needs or disabilities. 

"Pupils across school learn about different types of emotions and how to manage their feelings effectively.

"The school places a high priority on pupils’ learning beyond the academic curriculum, with older pupils taking part in a residential trip and younger ones visiting the local nature park.

“Teachers deliver lessons following a consistent order which enables pupils to revisit prior learning before they are introduced to new information.

“Most pupils build subject knowledge securely, and the school provides staff with a thorough programme of training to further their knowledge and expertise.

“Reading is at the heart of the curriculum. The school ensures pupils read a broad range of books during lessons and individual reading time.

Dedicated ambassadors foster a love of reading by acting as positive role models, providing book recommendations, and giving awards to other pupils who read frequently.

“Staff feel valued and so take pride in being part of the school community.

“They appreciate the time they are given to work collaboratively in school and across the trust when any changes are introduced.”