Meet the mum who travels the world in search of - Bacardi Breezers.

Lisa Terry, 41, loves the rum-infused alcopop as it reminds her of her youth.

She has been as far away as Thailand in her pursuit of the booze - and takes regular trips to Spain and Denmark where they are still widely available.

The 'traditional' Bacardi Breezer was discontinued in Britain in 2015.

A new generation was launched in 2019 featuring grown-up flavours like lemon and elderflower - but Lisa is still a fan of the old bottles.

The teacher from Northwich makes sure to stock up when she is on her trips so she can enjoy the drink at home too.

She said: "I just love them. They're a bit of lighthearted fun.

"They remind me of being young, of dancing, and sitting in the sun. They bring a little of that warm sunshine into your home.

"And because there's a bit of sugar in them - and some E numbers - they give you a bit more energy on the dancefloor."

Northwich Guardian: Lisa with her husband ChrisLisa with her husband Chris (Image: SWNS)

Lisa, husband Chris, 46, and their 10-year-old daughter holiday in European and Asian destinations because they are the easiest places to buy Bacardi Breezers.

Lisa checks online for countries that sell them, and then on social media to find shops, bars and hotels so the family can book nearby.

The couple have tried making their own versions of the alcopop but couldn't replicate the light sunny vibe.

Northwich Guardian: Bacardi BreezersBacardi Breezers (Image: SWNS)

Mum-of-one Lisa said: "My favourite is definitely the orange one - that was one of the originals.

"I like the passion fruit and mango ones, and I quite like the new light ones you can buy in Europe."

Lisa discovered Bacardi Breezers in the 1990s, when she and Chris got together.

And the family have spent their last 10 annual holidays in Bacardi Breezer hotspots.

Lisa brings home between 12 and 24 bottles from each trip and restricts herself to one-a-week at home, to make the haul last.

Northwich Guardian: Lisa discovered Bacardi Breezers in the 1990sLisa discovered Bacardi Breezers in the 1990s (Image: SWNS)

She keeps the precious bottles in a special cabinet reserved for them.

Loving Chris spent £130 importing six large bottles from Spain for Lisa's 40th birthday - £5 a bottle and £100 shipping.

A teacher trainer, he said: "It was hilarious - they took about two months to arrive. It was a big surprise and she loved it.

"It would have been cheaper to fly to Denmark on EasyJet and buy them. They're just so hard to get hold of over here.

"Sometimes you see a special import but they've always sold out when you contact them.

"I think they just went out of fashion or maybe the additive content made them less attractive over here.

"Ultimately we'd like to go to India because they're easy to get hold of and cheap over there.

"We've been all over the world so she can buy them - we get a lovely family holiday and Lisa gets to enjoy a fun favourite drink."