A WINSFORD woman whose stalker husband ‘tormented and terrorised’ her for months has spoken of her 'disappointment' at seeing him released from jail the day he was sentenced.

Alison Martin suffered months of psychological abuse at the hands of her husband of 20 years, Kevin Martin, when an attempt to rebuild their marriage ended in disaster in July 2023.

When she told the 58-year-old it was over and asked him to move out, he said he’d ‘go through her house with an axe, then kill her’.

Then the High Street resident demanded £10,000 to move out, which she didn’t have, but went into debt to set him up in a rented flat which he only stayed in a few months.  

At his sentencing at Chester Crown Court on March 12, Judge Patrick Thompson handed Martin 12 months in prison, suspended for two years, which meant he walked out later that day after nearly four months remanded in custody.

At the hearing, the court heard how in September 2023, Martin embarked on a campaign of cruel and calculated harassment against his wife, which she told police left her feeling ‘terrorised’ and ‘like a nervous wreck’.

He’d hang around her house flicking cigarette butts into her garden, emptied rubbish over her wall, and tried to sneak round the back of her house though a side gate in the middle of the night.

What really got to her, she says, was how he’d linger at places he knew she’d stop on her way to and from work, like traffic lights and roundabouts.

Northwich Guardian: Martin spend almost four nearly on remand after bring arrested in November 2023Martin spend almost four nearly on remand after bring arrested in November 2023 (Image: Supplied)

By November, Alison cracked and called the police who arrested him and charged his with stalking, which he eventually admitted, and was remanded in custody.

Judge Thompson did make an indefinite restraining order against him, which Alison was assured is rare, so he faces up to five years in prison if he ever goes near her again.

Alison said the time he spent on remand gave her the emotional space to reflect on what he did to her. But the more she did so, the angrier she got.

"He pleaded guilty to these offences and yet walked out of court like he was a hero," the 59-year-old added.   

“This is really nothing to be proud of. He tormented me, terrorised me, and he made my life a living hell.

“I was disappointed by the sentence to be perfectly honest, though the prosecutor warned me in the morning something like this might happen.

Northwich Guardian: demanded £10,000 to leave his wife's house, but she didn't have the moneydemanded £10,000 to leave his wife's house, but she didn't have the money (Image: Supplied)

“I’m not blaming the judge. I think his hands were tied.

“I think he thought I was going to kick off, but no. I have my self-respect and I know how to behave.

"He had an entourage at every hearing, and one of his family members was even kicked out of court. 

"I only ever had my mum with me, but I had the truth on my side. Photos and videos don't lie. I would never plead guilty to something if I was innocent. 

“Kev knew exactly what he was doing. There were so many things I didn’t report because they seemed trivial at the time, but bullies like him rely on that.

“It’s the totality of it they’re banking on. It’s all part of their plan.  

“However I felt on the day, I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me upset.”

Alison said the restraining order gives her some peace of mind because she knows, at least, she never has to talk to him again.

"Indefinite restraining orders aren't given out lightly, and knowing the onus is on him to leave anywhere I am is reassuring. 

“It's sad, but that’s just how it is. I was all up for being amicable, but he just couldn’t leave it alone.

“I’m hoping this is the end. It hasn’t happened before because he’s always been willing to disregard court orders. But all I can do is hope things will be different this time.

“I just want to move on now. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”