EACH week Cheshire West and Chester Council receives and makes decisions on planning applications across the borough.

Here we have rounded up the latest validated and determined applications in and around Northwich and Winsford.


Description: Sycamore (S1) - 4m reduction.

Address: The Spinney, Cuddington, Northwich, CW8 2UH.

Reference: 24/00724/TPO. Received: March 8, 2024. Status: Awaiting decision.

Description: Single-storey front and rear extension.

Address: Coronation Avenue, Winsford, CW7 2BB.

Reference: 24/00690/FUL. Received: February 27, 2024. Status: Awaiting decision.


Description: General agricultural produce and machinery storage building.

Address: Land at Gallowsclough Lane, Oakmere, Northwich.

Reference: 24/00563/AGR. Received: February 22, 2024. Status: Refused.

Description: Single-storey rear extension.

Address: Chester Road, Hartford, Northwich, CW8 2AG.

Reference: 24/00402/HHE. Received: February 9, 2024. Status: Decided.

Description: Portal framed agricultural & administrative building to form new Seed Processing Facility.

Address: Lobslack Nursery, Chester Road, Oakmere, Northwich.

Reference: 24/00266/AGR. Received: January 31, 2024. Status: Decided.

Description: Alterations and height increase to existing roof to create first floor accommodation.

Address: Cliff Road, Acton Bridge, Northwich, CW8 3QY.

Reference: 24/00250/PAA. Received: January 29, 2024. Status: Decided.

Description: Proposed single-storey side and rear extensions and detached outbuilding.

Address: Cliff Road, Acton Bridge, Northwich, CW8 3QY.

Reference: 24/00249/LDC. Received: January 29, 2024. Status: Approved.

Description: Partial demolition of existing conservatory and erection of sunlounge extension.

Address: Hindley Crescent, Barnton, Northwich, CW8 4LL.

Reference: 24/00206/FUL. Received: January 24, 2024. Status: Approved.

Description: Application for change of use from indoor swimming pool F2(d) to provision of education F1(a) and installation of PV solar panels to east facing roof.

Address: Sir John Deane's College, Monarch Drive, Northwich, CW9 8AF.

Reference: 23/04022/FUL. Received: December 22, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Single-storey rear extension and single-storey side extensions, front storm porch

Address: Bentleys Farm Lane, Whitley, Northwich, WA4 4QN.

Reference: 23/03934/LDC. Received: December 13, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Demolition of existing cottage and outbuildings, erection of two-storey new dwelling and outbuilding.

Address: Ashton Road, Norley, Northwich, WA6 6NY.

Reference: 23/03809/FUL. Received: December 4, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Conversion of agricultural building into one dwelling.

Address: Post Office Lane, Norley, Northwich, WA6 8JH.

Reference: 23/03833/PDQ. Received: December 4, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Two-storey rear extension and alteration to existing rear roof pitch.

Address: Queensgate, Northwich, CW8 1DX.

Reference: 23/03240/FUL. Received: October 12, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Convert the basement into habitable use, works to include lowering existing floor to allow for drainage, waterproofing and insulation.

Address: Bartington Hall, Warrington Road, Dutton, Northwich, CW8 4QU.

Reference: 23/02603/LBC. Received: August 17, 2023. Status: Decided.

Description: Agricultural Livestock Building.

Address: Clive Back Lane, Winsford, CW7 3NX.

Reference: 23/02342/FUL. Received: July 24, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Proposed new dwelling.

Address: Land at Norley Road, Cuddington, Northwich.

Reference: 23/01712/FUL. Received: May 26, 2023. Status: Refused.