A SCUBA diving club in Hartford is tracking down ex-members and their relatives for a showstopping gala 60th anniversary bash.

The swanky dinner at the Spinner and Bergamot in Comberbach is the jewel in the crown of Hartford Sub-Aqua Club’s year-long celebrations, which includes visiting 60 dive sites around the world, one for each year it’s been established.

The club was founded in the early days of scuba diving back in May 1964, and was then called The Mid-Cheshire College of Further Education Sub-Aqua Club.

While some of the founder and earliest members are unlikely still to be alive, club secretary, Joanna Scott, says they’d love to welcome their children or even grandchildren to the event on Wednesday, May 1, at 7pm, 60 years to the day since the club’s first ever meeting.

Joanna said: “We’re a super sociable club and we’re all great friends, and we thought it would be lovely to get everyone who’s been associated with the club over the last 60 years in the same room, all at the same time.

“Are you an ex-member? Are you related to one of our founder or early members? If so, we'd love you to join us.”

If you’d like to go along, the dress code is formal as it’s a very special evening, and you’ll need to RSVP by contacting hsac.welfare@gmail.com or hsac.secretary@gmail.com by Monday, April 1.