A MAN who punched a wall after being told he couldn’t go to the pub has been fined.

Ethan Mercer, of Summerfield Drive in Moulton, appeared at Warrington Magistrates Court on Wednesday (March 20) after admitting to causing criminal damage.

The court heard how the 28-year-old and his girlfriend of ten years had got into an argument on December 27, 2023, at her home in Winsford.

Mercer had wanted to go to the pub with his friends but was asked not to by his partner, who said they didn’t have enough money.

During the course of the argument, Mercer grew increasingly frustrated and punched a wall several times, creating small holes in the wall and leaving his hand covered in blood.

Police were called and Mercer was arrested at the scene before making a full and frank admission.

Mr Evans, defending, said the couple generally had a good relationship and were now likely to get back together following a short separation.

He explained that “financial pressures” had caused them to have a “bad run” in 2023.

This came to a head when Mercer lost his job, at which point “life became very difficult”.

“He had sacrificed quite a lot for Christmas, on the basis that he could go out with his friends,” Mr Evans added.

“He felt he was being punished for losing his job.

“He felt quite frustrated as his partner stood in the doorway, not letting him go out.

“When police arrived he said to them, ‘arrest me, I’ve done this’.”

Mr Evans continued: “He feels he has let himself down.

“It is clear Mr Mercer feels genuine remorse and he has asked me to apologise to yourselves (magistrates), the police and his ex-partner.”

He added that since the incident, Mercer has arranged for the wall to be repaired.

Chair of the magistrates, Paul Chadwick, fined Mercer £80 and ordered him to pay costs to the prosecution of £120 and a £32 surcharge.