KNUTSFORD has been named one of the top places to live in the north west of England.

The town is one of seven locations in the region chosen in the annual Sunday Times Best Places to Live guide.

Judges described the town as ‘cosy and comfortable’ with a ‘glitzy social scene and interesting architecture’.

This is the third time in recent years that Knutsford has been chosen.

In the past, judges hailed it as ‘posh Cheshire’ with a ‘sense of fun and a love of the countryside’.

Quirky buildings and walks in Tatton Park, Toft Wood and around the Moor were highlighted.

Expert judges visited all the locations and assessed factors from schools and transport, broadband speeds to culture, as well as access to green spaces and the health of the high street.

This is how judges describe Knutsford in the comprehensive guide:

Cosy and comfortable Knutsford is in Cheshire’s sweet spot south of Manchester — avoiding both inner-city bustle and a long commute.

Interlinked high streets, a glitzy social scene and interesting architecture make it an irresistible destination for aspirational families and upwardly mobile young professionals.

Six other locations in the north west are featured in the comprehensive guide

The other places include Christleton, Cheshire, Sefton Park, Liverpool, Stockport and Prestwich in Greater Manchester, Kendal, Cumbria and Ribble Valley, Lancashire.

Helen Davies, editorial projects director and Best Places to Live editor, said: “This guide is a celebration of towns, cities and villages that are each a fantastic place to live in 2024, from Dunkeld to Knutsford, Falmouth to Leeds.

“Wherever you are on the property ladder, there will be somewhere to suit you.

“These are all places where you can feel grounded as well as upwardly mobile: they have a mature sense of community, lively, supportive high streets and an eye to the future, whether that is eco-friendly measures, transport and regeneration, or imaginative inclusion of new housing.”

The chosen locations come in all shapes and sizes.

There are more new entries than ever before in this year’s guide.

Helen said: “What makes our guide unique is that we actually visit all the places we choose and talk to locals to find out what life is really like there.

“That means we can see what people really love about the places they live.

“That might be fast commutes and high-achieving schools but also clean water to swim in, lively town centres with useful shops, the possibility of earning a living and being part of a friendly community.

“We do consider affordability, though high house prices are no barrier to inclusion - as long as they provide value for money.

“Different people may be looking for different things, but what all our best places have in common is that people love living in them and are proud to call them home.”