BUSINESSES are urged to be on the lookout for counterfeit notes.

Dexter and Hemsley has issued a warning to fellow independent business owners after being stung several times by fake notes in the last two weeks, including three incidents in one day.

The village shop and deli on London Road in Davenham received three dodgy £20 notes, prompting staff to bring in special measures to protect them going forward.

Owners Sue and Trevor Tutt said: "Sadly, fake bank notes are out there, and we’ve been stung a few times in the last two weeks, with a number of fake £20s.

"As a small business, this has a big impact on our income, as we are unable to recover the monies lost.

"From this week, we will be checking all notes using a UV device, which checks fake notes.

"We hope you understand our predicament and that doing so doesn’t cause offence."

Northwich Guardian: A real £20 note (top) compared with a fake A real £20 note (top) compared with a fake (Image: Dexter & Hemsley)

The use of fake notes impacts businesses three times over.

First, there is the loss of income, then there is the loss of stock which is essentially given away for free.

The shop may have also given change, meaning one £20 note can add up to a much bigger loss.

The counterfeit notes used at Dexter and Hemsley can be differentiated from their real counterparts in a number of ways.

For example, the hologram is much more solid while the ink scratches off if rubbed with a coin.

Northwich Guardian: Ink of the fake notes can be scratched off with a coinInk of the fake notes can be scratched off with a coin (Image: Dexter & Hemsley)

Inspector David Levins, of Northwich Local Policing Unit, said: "While we have not been made aware of an increase in the number of fraudulent banknotes in Northwich, we would always urge residents and businesses to be aware and make the necessary checks to ensure the notes they are given are genuine.

"Holding onto counterfeit notes is a criminal offence, so if you discover that you are in possession of a fake note, please do not try and use it or pass it on, instead the advice is to hand it into your nearest bank."

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