DRAGON’S Den star Theo Paphitis singled out a Middlewich entrepreneur as one of his small business champions. 

Helen Hignett-Clawson’s company, Adaptive Clothing UK, designs clothes for kids with physical limitation, which can make them challenging to dress.

Helen, a former Greater Manchester police officer, has been singled out by the multi-millionaire retail mogul to join his prestigious Small Business Sunday (SBS) club.

This will give her access to nationwide networking events and she'll have her own profile on the SBS website. 

Ryman, Robert Dias, and Boux Avenue chairman Theo, who’s net worth is an estimated £290 million, retweeted Helen to his 500,000 followers on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram, and she’s already seen a jump in orders for her clothes. 

She also attended his SBS annual conference in Birmingham on Friday, February 23, where she met the man himself and got his personal endorsement.  

Helen said: “What a privilege! Theo has recognised our hard work and he's helping to spread the word about what we're doing.

“I also won on my birthday, which was a fantastic present.”

“I’ve only been trading for nine months and still work out of my dining room, so it’s amazing to have support from Theo because it’s tough trying to raise our profile as a new business.”

SBS is one of the UK's leading small business networks, with 4,000 members nationwide. 

Theo welcomes six new members each week from all those who tweet, comment, or post an image to @TheoPaphitis describing their business to the SBS community.

Theo said: “I wish Helen and Adaptive Clothing UK every success.

“We’re thrilled to welcome new SBS members every week, highlighting just how important it is to support our small businesses here in the UK. 

“My vision is that everyone who has ever won a Sunday re-tweet from me becomes part of a friendly club of like-minded individuals who can share successes and learning.

“The website will also give a valuable profile to the winners chosen.”