A FORMER Witton Albion footballer has been jailed after posting racist abuse on social media.

Striker Shaun Tuck, who joined Albion in 2012 and was the leading goalscorer during his only season with the club, appeared at South Sefton Magistrates Court today.

The 37-year-old, from Liverpool, was found guilty of malicious communications and sentenced to 15 weeks in prison.

Everton fan Tuck had posted racist abuse about a fellow Toffees supporter in the comments section of the club's official Facebook page in August 2023.

As well as jail time, Tuck, who also played for Warrington Town back in 2014, was handed a six-year football banning order and must pay a £155 victim surcharge.

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Nuttall, at Merseyside Police, said: “Tuck clearly thought that he could post disgusting racist comments online and it wouldn’t be investigated by the police.

Northwich Guardian: Shaun Tuck, left, playing for Warrington TownShaun Tuck, left, playing for Warrington Town (Image: John Hopkins)

"Sadly for him, this is not the case. We take all forms of racism extremely seriously and Merseyside Police has investigated and successfully prosecuted so-called fans for racial abuse both inside and outside of football stadiums.

"Tuck’s views and his abuse is not welcome here in Merseyside, and they do not represent the overwhelming majority of football fans.

"Merseyside is an inclusive and welcoming place and, whatever football team you support, we stand united in saying that there is absolutely no place for hate anywhere on Merseyside. 

"This court result means that Tuck will now have a criminal record, and the consequences of this for his future could prove to be significant.

Northwich Guardian: Tuck was the top scorer for Witton Albion during his only season with the clubTuck was the top scorer for Witton Albion during his only season with the club (Image: Supplied)

"I’d like to thank Everton FC for their support during our investigation."

Tuck will not be able to attend Everton matches home or away or any other football fixtures for six years.

Dave Lewis, head of security and stadium safety officer at Everton said: "We have a clear and well-publicised zero-tolerance policy on all forms of discrimination.

"The club will not hesitate to act and deal with any reported instances of hate crime or anti-social behaviour.

"I’m pleased we were able to support Merseyside Police with their investigation. This conviction is a clear statement any such behaviour has no place in our society."