A HOUSE described as an ‘anti-social behaviour hotspot’ in Barnton has been sealed up by police officers for three months.

Northwich police secured a closure order on the Oakwood Lane property on Friday, February 16, after repeated reports of drug and alcohol abuse, noise nuisance, disorder, and crime.

Officers applied to Warrington magistrates who used their powers under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to authorise police to evict the occupant. 

All the doors and windows have now been boarded up, and the occupant has been told to find alternative temporary accommodation.  

The order came into effect from Wednesday, February 21, and is a result of officers responding to concerns from residents about worrying behaviour at the property including violence, damage, and disorder.

Northwich police worked with the occupant’s landlord to encourage residents to come forward with evidence against their disruptive neighbour.

Anyone who enters the address during that time will be committing a criminal offence and could be arrested.

After the order was enforced, Police Constable Terry Boyle said: “This is an example of great communication between officers and the local community which lead to securing the three-month order.

“Officers at Northwich’s beat team made a promise to keep this neighbourhood and its residents safe.  

“By securing this closure, we have kept that promise.

“I want to urge anyone with concerns about anti-social behaviour or other criminality in their community to please contact local officers and we will do everything we can to address these issues and achieve justice.

“We encourage anyone with concerns about anti-social or suspicious behaviour in their area is asked to report it to Cheshire Police via the Cheshire Police website or call 101."