AN award-winning laser clinic offering ‘the best in everything skin’ has opened a branch in Middlewich.

Cheshire Glow Clinic, on Southway, offers permanent hair removal for all skin types, including darker tones, which can be susceptible to burning by lasers

The new nurse-led clinic is also planning to offer high-end treatments for a range of skin conditions in the near future, including acne, rosacea, sun damage, pigmentation, melasma, pigmentation, and fine lines.

Located within Southway Clinic, just off Wheelock Street, Cheshire Glow Clinic is owned by Roxie Betts, whose Bicester Glow Clinic in Oxfordshire holds the UK Beauty Awards title for best laser hair removal nationwide.

Roxie said: “We have such high hopes for our new clinic, and we're planning to offer the very best in everything skin. 

“We have a lovely team, and the clinic itself is really quaint and cute. It’s been done out really nicely, and it’s very clean and airy.

“Professional laser hair removal is a way to get rid of unwanted hair on the body, as long as its not white, grey, or red.

“It takes six to eight sessions but results start after the very first one. It just gets better and better from there on.

“There’re lots of different types of lasers. We use state of the art and NHS approved Alexandrite and Yag lasers, which mean we can treat all six skin types.

“We’re a nurse-led team, with one nurse prescriber, so they’re super knowledgeable about all things health and skin and other medical conditions.

“And our lasers are as good as it gets.

“You can buy lasers to use at home, but they’re the bottom rung on the ladder in terms of the technology now available.

"Ours are many, many times more powerful, and it means the results are much, much quicker. The home ones can also very painful to use in certain areas. It can be completely unbearable.

"With professional lasers, you’ll be hair free after your first session, and then much thinner, slow-growing hair will come back through, but they’ll eventually disappear.

"It just gets better and better."

Roxie says many of her clients are men, who go for a variety of reasons.

“Men come in for things like having their beard neck lines treated, as well as more routine things like backs and chests," she added.

“Some of them just don’t have the time to keep on top of it in conventional ways.

“Arm pits are popular too, which is a bit of a hygiene thing. You have less sweat as it has nothing to cling to.”