A PRIMARY school teacher has donated 17 inches of her hair to makes wigs for sick children after a cancer scare made her think she’d lose it.

Charles Darwin Primary’s art teacher, Stephanie Cowburn, was lucky with her treatments and managed to hold on to her waist-length red hair, which she says is ‘very much part of her identity’.

The mum-of-two decided to go ahead with the donation regardless, as her own cancer experience gave her an insight into how young people would feel when they lose their hair through illness.

Cuddington resident Stephanie took the plunge on Tuesday, February 20, when Fox Hair junior stylist, Katie Molyneux, took off a whopping 17 inches, which will now be donated to the Little Princess Trust.

The charity provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who’ve suffered hair loss from cancer treatments, alopecia, burns, and other conditions.

As it costs around £700 to make and professionally fit a wig, Stephanie decided she’d fundraise the cost herself.

She thought this might have been ‘a bit ambitious’, but she’s already more than doubled her original target, having so far raised more than £1,500.

Northwich Guardian: Stephanie like's her new cut, and is looking forward to less maintenanceStephanie like's her new cut, and is looking forward to less maintenance (Image: Stephanie Cowburn)

“I’m absolutely delighted by the generosity of people,” Stephanie said.

Speaking of the Little Princess Trust and their work, she added: “I can’t stress how fantastic they are.

“I’ve been watching videos on YouTube showing kids getting their wigs for the first time.

“The difference it makes to their whole appearance is incredible. Not just their physical appearance, but how they react and grow in confidence. It’s just delightful.

“They need lots and lots of donations, not so much of hair, but of money, to be able to make the wigs.

“I’ve had my hair long for years, and until this week, it was down past my waist. I’d been letting it grow since my cancer scare last summer.  

"But I was very fortunate. My treatments meant I didn’t have to lose it.

"My hair’s red, like just three per cent of the entire world.

"When I was younger, if I was in a crowd with my best friend and someone was looking for her, they’d look for me instead because I stood out."

Stephanie is still accepting donations of money via her JustGiving page, as any surplus the charity receives gets donated to childhood cancer research projects.

She's also decided to donate the cost of her usual haircut to the charity.

She added: “Fox Hair were phenomenal. They allowed me to have my hair cut for free by their trainee, Katie Molyneux, under the supervision of Adam Fox, the owner.

“It was the first time she’s done a cut like this, and she’s done a wonderful job. They’ve been so generous."