A TEACHER was inspired by his students to write a book.

Phillip Poole is a PE and maths teacher at Oaklands School in Winsford, which supports children with moderate and complex learning difficulties.

It was these children that motivated him to write and publish his first book, Willy the One-Winged Penguin.

“The inspiration for writing comes from the kids I work with,” said Mr Poole.

“During Covid, people everywhere were struggling and yet our kids, the ones who supposedly struggle to adapt, just took it in their stride.

“They were in and out of school, being passed from pillar to post, but the way they coped it with just inspired me.

“This book is based on one of the children in the school, Josh Duff. He’s such a positive energy and I wanted a character that could embody his personality.”

It wasn’t just the children he teaches that inspired Mr Poole.

He added: “I have two young daughters, Evelyn and Nancy.

"With all the negativity in the world at the moment, I wanted to do something positive to show them that you can do anything if you dream big.”

Mr Poole has worked at Oaklands for 10 years now, having previously worked at Winnington Park Primary, and Ringway Primary in Manchester.

His love for teaching began by chance while doing some volunteer work in South Africa.

“It wasn’t my lifelong passion like it is for some people but I’m so glad I found teaching,” he said.

Willy the One-Winged Penguin was released on January 25 and has already proved to be a hit.

Mr Poole said: “It’s almost embarrassing really, loads of the kids have brought in their copies for me to sign.

“I have a family friend who is taking a copy to her nephew in Mexico, it’s going international!”

Northwich Guardian: Mr Poole was inspired by the pupils he works with and his own children to write the bookMr Poole was inspired by the pupils he works with and his own children to write the book (Image: Supplied)

All of the money raised from the book’s launch until the end of March will be donated to Comic Relief.

Since Mr Poole started at Oaklands, the school has raised more than £10,000 for the charity.

“It’s a big passion of mine,” he said.

“I didn’t write the book to make money or get famous, I just wanted to do something nice for my girls and spread a positive message. If people love it then even better!”

Asked if there are more books in the works, Mr Poole added: “I hope so! I really would love it if for no other reason than to show my girls that whatever challenges you face in life you can overcome them.”

Willy the One-Winged Penguin is available at WHSmith, Amazon and Pegasus Publishers.