CEMETERY visitors in Winsford are being urged to collect any remaining festive graveside tributes before they are removed by staff.

Cheshire West and Chester Council is set to begin its maintenance and grass-cutting at the cemeteries and crematorium grounds it manages.

With this grass-cutting taking place from early March, the council has issued a reminder to visitors attending Wharton Cemetery in Winsford to take away any tributes and wreaths remaining from the Christmas period which they want to keep or dispose of.

Visitors will have until Sunday, February 11, to collect any tributes before cemetery staff begin removing them from the following Monday.  

Cllr Christine Warner, the council’s cabinet member for homes, planning and safer communities, said: “We understand our request for the removal of festive season tributes is always a sensitive matter.

"The council is mindful of this and so is issuing a gentle reminder for the coming weekend to please collect any remaining tributes by the end of Sunday, February 11.

"We are committed to the best upkeep of our cemeteries and crematoria, and keen to ensure we maintain these to a high standard as we move into Spring and the main grass-cutting season starts.

"We are grateful for your help in this."

Wreaths and tributes will be removed from other grounds including Blacon Cemetery/Chester crematorium; Overleigh Cemetery, Chester; Overpool Cemetery, Ellesmere Port; and Neston Cemetery.

Tributes in private churchyards will not be removed by the council.