A COUNCILLOR has quit over 'broken promises' less than a year after being elected.

Lorraine Murphy has announced her resignation from Winsford Town Council.

Ms Murphy was one of 14 Winsford Salt of the Earth candidates elected last May.

However, in September, she and Cllr Stella Mellor left the party amid allegations surrounding the town’s inaugural pride event.

Now, Ms Murphy has left the council altogether, citing 'toxic' colleagues and 'chaos' at meetings.

Announcing her decision on social media, she said: “From the beginning there were problems, with certain councillors being toxic and hell-bent on bringing WTC down.

“Unfortunately, some behaviour at council meetings is horrendous, with getting talked over, laughed at, no microphones so councillors with disabilities can't talk or debate, rooms that are freezing cold - there is just no structure or order to the constant chaos.

“The behaviour alone in a workplace would result in the person getting disciplined or sacked but apparently anything goes at WTC. No protection for councillors whatsoever, so I have decided to leave, I wouldn't put up with it in the workplace so why should I now?”

Northwich Guardian: Lorraine MurphyLorraine Murphy (Image: Winsford Town Council)

Since Winsford Salt of the Earth’s landslide victory in May, several councillors have departed the group.

Chrissy Duffy resigned just weeks after the election, with Labour’s Dave Moorcroft victorious in the subsequent by-election.

Then, Ms Murphy and Cllr Mellor left the party in September.

At a similar time, Cheshire West and Chester councillors Simon Boone and Mandy Clare were kicked out of the party, with the pair claiming they continued to serve as executive members.

In November, town councillor Dan Ford left the group.

Ms Murphy’s departure comes days after the town council voted through a 17.3 per cent tax hike, a move she felt broke promises made during their campaign.

“Some of the decisions made by the majority of the council lately are not what was promised to the public. I dread to think what other disasters are in store for our much-loved town with the decisions this council seems to be making between themselves,” she said.

“I no longer want to be associated with WSOTE as the public was led to believe that the current council had the town's best interest in mind when making decisions but I believe this is not the case.

“I do apologise to all those people I represented on my ward but I have to put my own health and mental wellbeing first.”

The mayor of Winsford and leader of Salt of the Earth, Ernie Welch, thanked Ms Murphy for her service but did not address the concerns she raised.

“I would just like to wish Cllr Murphy good luck and best wishes for the future,” he said.

"She was an independent councillor for most of her tenure however she did some great work on our events last summer especially Pride."