PANCAKE day is almost upon us but for one Northwich venue, celebrations will continue for a little longer.

BEAR at Barons Quay is preparing to host Pancake Week, dedicating seven days to the tasty treats.

From February 12 to 18, guests will be able to tuck into a wide range of culinary creations including one made with Homer Simpson in mind.

A spokesperson for BEAR said: “Our innovative approach to extending the pancake celebration from a single day to an entire week is not just about offering more delicious options to our customers; it's about creating more opportunities for moments of joy and connection.

“Join us in celebrating this beloved dish in all its glory, and discover why at BEAR, pancakes for just one day simply doesn’t 'stack up’.”

Northwich Guardian: There is a wide range of pancakes available There is a wide range of pancakes available (Image: BEAR)

The ‘Homer Stack’ will feature a pile of pancakes topped with jam drizzle, pink icing, hundreds and thousands, and a Simpsons-style doughnut courtesy of Project D.

Also on the menu is a tiramisu stack finished with coffee syrup, mascarpone, sponge fingers and chocolate sauce, as well as a Biscoff stack featuring Biscoff spread, brulee banana, whipped cream and a Biscoff crumb topping.

For those wanting something a little fruitier, there is the raspberry ripple stack with raspberry ripple ice cream, raspberry sauce, whipped cream, freeze-dried raspberries, an ice cream wafer and hundreds and thousands.

There is also a ‘savoury’ option in the buttermilk fried chicken and bacon stack complete with maple syrup and spring onions.

Northwich Guardian: The Raspberry Ripple pancakeThe Raspberry Ripple pancake (Image: BEAR)