EACH week Cheshire West and Chester Council receives and makes decisions on planning applications across the borough.

Here we have rounded up the latest validated and determined applications in and around Northwich and Winsford.

Validated applications

Description: Dropped kerb vehicle crossing at front of property.

Address: Northwich Road, Weaverham, CW8 3BD.

Reference: 24/00115/FUL. Received: January 16, 2024. Status: Awaiting decision.

Description: Conversion of outbuildings and extensions to apartments five and six.

Address: Tarporley Road, Delamere, CW6 9EG.

Reference: 24/00084/FUL. Received: January 12, 2024. Status: Awaiting decision.

Description: Extensions of existing warehouse.

Address: Higham and Higham Cartridge People, Road One, Winsford, CW7 3QA.

Reference: 24/00035/FUL. Received: January 5, 2024. Status: Awaiting decision.

Determined applications

Description: Installation of telecommunication pole/s - Ref: OGEA11756411.

Address: O/S Cross Street, Marston, Northwich, CW9 6ET.

Reference: 24/00267/DSM. Received: January 29, 2024. Status: Decided.

Description: Agricultural general produce storage building

Address: Mill Lane, Whitegate, Winsford, CW7 2PP.

Reference: 24/00060/AGR. Received: January 10, 2024. Status: Decided.

Description: Proposed single storey rear extension. 

Address: Ash Close, Nether Peover, Northwich, WA16 9GJ.

Reference: 23/03905/LDC. Received: December 11, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Felling of Beech tree including removal of stump and roots.

Address: 136 - 140 Witton Street Northwich CW9 5NP

Reference: 23/03896/TPO. Received: December 8, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Single storey rear extension.

Address: Ainsworth Lane, Crowton, CW8 2RS.

Reference: 23/03888/HHE. Received: December 7, 2023. Status: Decided.

Description: G1 Line of 28 trees (Ash, Oak and Elm species) - Reduce all trees within 5m of boundary with Barton Primary School playing fields to monolith to reduce fall risk.

Address: Pumphouse Wood, Hough Lane, Northwich, CW8 4NY.

Reference: 23/03854/TPO. Received: December 5, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Beech (T1) to be crown lifted to 6m to give clearance to highway to be done both sides for balance and deadwooding of the the crown to be carried out.

Address: Green Lane, Davenham, CW9 8JA.

Reference: 23/03817/TPO. Received: December 4, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Single storey front infill extension, relocating side entrance door to front elevation with canopy and new steps.

Address: Littler Lane, Winsford, CW7 2NE.

Reference: 23/03806/FUL. Received: December 1, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Existing above ground concrete slurry store with a proposed steel frame under the Environmental Stewardship scheme.

Address: Marston Hall Farm Hall Drive Marston Northwich CW9 6DU

Reference: 23/03600/FUL. Received: November 14, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Single storey front porch extension to replace existing canopy 

Address: Beauty Bank, Whitegate, Winsford, CW8 2BP.

Reference: 23/03510/FUL. Received: November 7, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Demolition of existing side garage and construction of a single storey side extension with rooflights.

Address: Maidwell Close, Winsford, CW7 3UG.

Reference: 23/03387/FUL. Received: October 26, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Extensions and alterations to lower and upper floors to include balcony.

Address: Waste Lane, Cuddington, CW8 2TD.

Reference: 23/03039/FUL. Received: September 27, 2023. Status: Decided.

Description: Two-storey side and rear extension, including extension to front porch, balcony to the rear and provision of render to front porch and rear extension.

Address: Mere Crescent, Oakmere, CW8 2HQ.

Reference: 23/02661/FUL. Received: August 22, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Replacement of existing workshop/garden store with new store and open car barn.

Address: Sevenoaks Court, Sandiway Lane, Antrobus.

Reference: 23/02444/FUL. Received: August 2, 2023. Status: Decided.

Description: Creation of new vehicular access, gates and pillars, erection of double garage, retaining wall and associated landscaping works.

Address: Gooseberry Lane, Delamere, CW6 0PQ.

Reference: 23/02292/FUL. Received: July 17, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a replacement dwelling.

Address: Hough Lane, Comberbach, CW9 6AW.

Reference: 23/02023/FUL. Received: June 27 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Change of use of the premises from Class E to hot food takeaway (Sui Generis) along with the installation of a flue extraction system to the rear.

Address: 13 Market Street, Northwich CW9 5BD.

Reference: 23/01262/FUL. Received: April 17, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Erection of building for the building of narrow boats/boats, the repair and maintenance of narrow boats / boat and storage of materials and equipment to carry out the works (retrospective).

Address: Land adjacent to The Mobile, Warrington Road, Acton Bridge, Northwich.

Reference: 22/03139/FUL. Received: August 17, 2022. Status: Approved.

Description: Erection of a new dwellinghouse, use of the existing coach house as ancillary accommodation, landscaping and other associated works.

Address: Land fronting Chester Road, Northwich.

Reference: 22/01052/FUL. Received: March 17, 2022. Status: Refused.