A CAR was abandoned by its owner following a crash.

Police in Little Leigh have acted on concerns raised about a vehicle left in a precarious position on Ash House Lane.

The owner of the vehicle had been asked to move it but with no signs of them doing so, officers took matters into their own hands.

“After concerns were raised by members of the public regarding a vehicle on Ash House Lane in Little Leigh with damage and partially in a hedge, the vehicle has now been removed,” said a spokesperson for Marbury Police.

“The road is now clear and safe for road users.”

A Cheshire Police spokesperson added: “At 9.21am on Thursday (January 18) police were made aware of a car which had been abandoned following a minor collision on Ash House Lane, Little Leigh.

“Officers identified the owner of the car and advised them that it needed to be moved.

“However, due the fact that the vehicle was not removed by the registered owner, police arranged for the vehicle to be recovered on January 31.”