A PICTURE has captured the moment firefighters tackled a car fire on the M6 Northbound near Lymm.

Cheshire Police and Cheshire Fire Service were called to the scene where a vehicle was in flames on the slip road of junction 19 this morning, Friday.

Lymm Fire station shared a dramatic image on social media of fire crews extinguishing the flames on the carriageway, with just the shell of the car remaining.

One lane was closed, along with the junction 19 slip road while emergency services attended the scene at 8.50am.

A Cheshire Fire spokesperson said: "Fire crews dampened the flames and used a thermal imaging camera to monitor the vehicle for hot spots.

"At 09:10 one lane was reopened, leaving one lane closed and being monitored by Police and Highways. Fire crews were released from the incident at 09:33.”

Lymm Fire Station on a post related to the incident warned motorists not to slow down when driving past incidents like this as this poses a danger to members of the emergency services.

“While this looks dramatic, slowing down to look at or take a photo of the incident, may cause the driver behind to have to brake suddenly which may cause an accident which could put our firefighters in danger,” they said.