EACH week Cheshire West and Chester Council receives and makes decisions on planning applications across the borough.

Here we have rounded up the latest validated and determined applications in and around Northwich and Winsford.

Validated applications

Description: Two silver birch - request to remove (TPO No: V/81/00196/ORD).

Address: The Spinney, Cuddington, CW8 2UH.

Reference: 24/00160/TPO. Validated: January 22, 2024. Status: Awaiting decision.

Description: Demolition of rear porch and garage and erection of single storey extension to rear, dormer extension to rear and alterations to front elevations (re-submission of 19/02494/FUL).

Address: Delamere Street, Winsford, CW7 2NA.

Reference: 23/03926/FUL. Validated: January 23, 2024. Status: Awaiting decision.

Determined applications

Description: Single-storey side and rear extension.

Address: Nixon Drive, Winsford, CW7 2HU.

Reference: 23/03875/FUL. Validated: December 6, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Erection of an additional storey above main dwelling.

Address: Cogshall Lane, Comberbach, CW9 6BW.

Reference: 23/03845/PAA. Validated: December 5, 2023. Status: Decided.

Description: Proposed construction of dormer, side extension and rear extension.

Address: Chester Road, Delamere, CW8 2HS.

Reference: 23/03690/LDC. Validated: November 22, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Demolition of existing conservatory, erection of single storey rear extension and front infill extensions.

Address: Fountain Lane, Davenham, CW9 8LT.

Reference: 23/03399/FUL. Validated: October 27, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Oak (T90) - Full removal or stump to be retained and utilised for decorative carving etc to be able to retain some of its character.

Address: Chaffinch Way, Winsford, CW7 1SD.

Reference: 23/03316/TPO. Validated: October 19, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Single-storey rear extension and two-storey side/rear extension. New window openings to side and front elevation. New render to replace existing render. New windows, doors and rainwater goods to replace existing. New roof tile to replace the existing tile. Installation of solar panels and air source heat pump.

Address: Mill Lane, Cuddington, CW8 2TA.

Reference: 23/02110/FUL. Validated: July 4, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Application to confirm lawfulness of windows and doors as installed under planning permission 20/02154/S73.

Address: Norley Road, Norley, WA6 6LH.

Reference: 23/01828/LDC. Validated: June 9, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Erection of a two-storey front extension. Change of current white UPVC windows, soffits and fascia boards, to anthracite grey UPVC.

Address: Landswood Park, Hartford, CW8 1NF.

Reference: 23/01746/FUL. Validated: June 1, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Erection of single storey timber cabin to be used for visitor accommodation.

Address: Land at Dutton's Croft, Cliff Road, Acton Bridge.

Reference: 23/01502/FUL. Validated: May 19, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Demolition of existing ancillary domestic storage building, kennels and two agricultural buildings and erection of replacement building for ancillary residential use.

Address: The Green, Sproston, CW4 7LN.

Reference: 22/02381/FUL. Validated: June 24, 2022. Status: Refused.

Description: Erection of one Polytunnel with one micro wind turbine and laying of a hard surfacing material (crushed stone) to form an internal access track to support an existing horticultural business.

Address: Land at Maple Paddock, Norley Road, Cuddington.

Reference: 23/01398/FUL. Validated: April 28, 2023. Status: Approved.