A ‘DANGEROUS’ clubhouse is to be given a new lease of life.

Winnington Avenue Youth Club is to be rebuilt anew, trustee Tim Harris has confirmed.

Mr Harris has been involved in the site, which includes nine acres of land as well as the hut, for seven years now, investing £30,000 over that time.

Having fallen into disrepair, it finally looks set to be demolished with 'a Northwich-based sports club' expected to take over the leasehold.

“The good news is I have finally found someone to take over the lease, we are just going through the process of signing a Deed of Surrender,” said Mr Harris.

“I have had many meetings with the new lessees' and am comfortable they have the money and the town’s interests at heart.

“The intention will be to knock the existing building down and a new facility sited in its place.

“This will provide services to all members of the community.

“Watch this space!”

Northwich Guardian: The building has fallen into disrepair over recent yearsThe building has fallen into disrepair over recent years (Image: Supplied)

He added: “I have personally invested £30,000 in those seven years, plus hundreds of man hours, and it has been a battle with the council, local residents, travellers, professional dog walkers and others.

“I have not been to the site for a few years but have continued to fund grass cutting, hedge-cutting, gas, water, electric and insurance.”

Northwich Guardian: Inside the clubhouseInside the clubhouse (Image: Supplied)

This development came to light as a result of a letter submitted to the Northwich & Winsford Guardian by Hartford resident Paul Checkley.

Mr Checkley, 66, voiced his disappointment at seeing what was once a hub of community left to rot.

He said: “There was a time when it was well used and you could not get a parking space near the venue as it was that popular, this is another vital commodity closed off to the youth of the community.

“The clubhouse is now in a dreadful state of destruction and disrepair to the level that it now presents a serious danger to the health and safety of people.

“It is a potential tragedy waiting to happen.”

Northwich Guardian: The building looks set to be demolished The building looks set to be demolished (Image: Supplied)