NORTHWICH Town Council has praised new defences for preventing a flood.

Storm Henk brought heavy rainfall to Cheshire at the start of the year, prompting Cheshire West and Chester Council and partner agencies to activate the new emergency plan.

London Road was closed and barriers were erected to ensure the town didn’t suffer the same fate as it had in 2021 and 2019.

Thankfully, everything went according to plan and at the recent Northwich Town Council meeting, councillors praised the decisive actions taken but were cautious that flooding could become a more frequent problem.

Town clerk Chris Shaw said: “Flooding in 2021 had terrible consequences for residents and businesses and with two rivers meeting in the town centre, flooding has been a risk to the town historically.

"This is likely to become increasingly prevalent with rapidly changing weather patterns. 

“We can't predict weather in Northwich in the future. However, it is reasonable to assume that severe wet weather over the winters will become more frequent across the UK due to the climate emergency.

“As town councillors, we are of the view that when agencies work together and cooperate, we can better mitigate the impact of climate change and everybody is better served and supported.”

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Northwich Guardian: Northwich Quay Marina had to be evacuated as a result of Storm HenkNorthwich Quay Marina had to be evacuated as a result of Storm Henk (Image: Tango Down Airsoft)

Mr Shaw added: “As a town council, we would like to record our appreciation of the efforts of Cheshire West and Chester Council officers and councillors, working alongside the Environment Agency, United Utilities and the Canal and River Trust. 

“The measures which have been put into place have been effective in keeping the water in the rivers and drains, albeit at high levels.

“Road closures are of course disruptive to businesses and residents, although far less so than a flooded town centre.

“Closing some roads is essential for the emergency plan to prevent the rivers bursting their banks and flooding the town centre.

“Closed roads enable pumps to be put in place safely taking excess water to where it needs to go.

“Workers are then able to monitor water levels in manholes and rivers safely and regularly. This enables the rapid deployment of further measures if needed. 

“It is important that Northwich residents know the reasons behind occasional road closures during potential flooding events. It is crucial to convey that various agencies are collaboratively addressing these challenges to prevent further issues in the town.”

Northwich Guardian: Flood defences being set up during Storm HenkFlood defences being set up during Storm Henk (Image: Supplied)